Small wooden stool

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Small wooden stool

What does a small wooden stool have to do with a harpist?

Imagine saying goodbye to your family in the hallway after a successful birthday party. Everyone puts coats on, it is quite crowded and it turns out that grandma needs to tie her shoe laces so she looks around trying to find something to sit on and fix her shoes.

Another situation - you have prepared a relaxing bath: bubbles, candles, music, a book and a glass of wine. When you leave the bathtub, you don't want to wet your book, where do you put it? Where is the speaker from which you are listening to music?

The last situation - you are practicing on one of the most delicate and blissful-sounding instruments in the world - the harp. You sway to the rhythm of the music, you give it expression with your movement. Unfortunately, the stool you are sitting on releases its own music and creaks a lot.

What do these three situations have in common? Well, a small wooden stool.

A stool is quite an inconspicuous piece of furniture, but as you will see - it is quite useful. The first two situations that I described above could happen in any house, the third only if you are a harpist;) However, there are quite a lot of situations in which you want to perform a task in silence and concentration, right?


small wooden stools in different color

Search for the Holy Grail​

One of our clients is the inspiration for writing this piece. She was looking for the perfect stool for her daughter. First, she bought one stool, then she bought another one, only in a different color. I am always vigilant, so I made sure that it was not a mistake with this color as most people order several stools of the same color. It turned out that it was intentional. The client bought a stool for her daughter, a harpist. It was not meant to be an ordinary stool, it had to be stable and made so that it would not make noise when playing the harp. The second order was for the daughter's teacher who also appreciated its stability and comfort while playing the harp. The girls were looking for a piece of furniture that would meet all their expectations for a long time, and finally they found our stool.

It turns out that many of you appreciate our stool precisely because of its stability and quality. You are looking for a piece of furniture that is simple and elegant at the same time and will suit many different interiors. In addition, it should be light, and at the same time stable and durable. Have we managed to create the perfect stool? Take a look for yourself


Round seat with a diameter of 32 cm. It is set on four perfectly smooth legs set at a slight angle, which makes the stool extremely stable. You can twist and fidget as much as you want, nothing will happen to it, the seat will remain in the same position and it will not make any unwanted sounds;) What else is important - the stool's lifting capacity. The material from which we have built it and its construction means that it can easily carry up to 150 kg! Impressive isn't it? Of course, like every piece of furniture in our collection, it is available in several color finishes


walnut small wooden stool in full sun

We would not be ourselves if we did not add a second type of stool to our furniture collection, customization is our second name :) If you prefer a slightly larger and rectangular seat instead of a round seat, and you need a second shelf under the seat, take a look at the Stool 460

Small wooden stool​

small wooden stool in walnut stain in mid century home

The seat is slightly larger than in the standard stool (51 x 37 cm). In this version, we have added an additional shelf or crossbars mounted under the seat. The whole thing is placed on our famous "ladder" legs, thanks to which the furniture is very stable. Due to the fact that the legs are quite long, the stool 460 has small handrails that make it easy to carry. You can also use them as supports for small items that you put on the stool, if you decide to use it as something more than just a seat.

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