Plywood furniture - style is color, color is style!

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Plywood furniture - style is color, color is style!

Plywood furniture - style is color, color is style!

New Year is a time of resolutions and changes. Maybe you just came up with the idea to refresh your apartment, to change its style? In this article, we will help you choose the furniture – the basis for the style of the interior. We will focus primarily on the available colors of our furniture. Furniture in the Scandinavian, minimalist, mid century, retro, modern style – do you know that when choosing a style, you indirectly choose a color? After all, color is the foundation of style, its most obvious emanation.


Pure nature – minimalist mid century furniture in a transparent color

Let’s start with the transparent color – color…but not really. Furniture in transparent color is the perfect choice for lovers of modernity and nature. The transparent coating most perfectly shows the beauty of plywood. It is furniture in a minimalist style that most often has this color. The uniqueness of nature, the wood pattern, its structure – all this will be visible, building a climate of raw minimalism. Transparent color also builds a different, unusual style. Mid century furniture is the perfect choice if you love minimalism, and yet you nostalgically look at the charm of old furniture. The combination of retro and minimalism is the best way to describe the style in which America and Europe fell in love.


Natural minimalist bookcase in mid century style


We can admire mid-century sideboards and bookcases in the popular series “Mad Men”. The arrangements referring to the 1950s and 1960s are the biggest inspiration for designing mid-century settings. However, we do not have to reach overseas – minimalism is also impressively

combined with the iconic furniture of the People’s Republic of Poland period. The mid century furniture in the native version can give your apartment an unforgettable atmosphere in which every guest will feel special and at ease.

Mid century modern bookcase in natural stain


As in the old days – walnut vintage furniture

Vintage clothes, vintage hairstyles, vintage makeup – if you love to go back to the past when it comes to fashion – you will certainly also love room arrangements reminiscent of the old days.

Retro-style pieces have soul and unusual atmosphere, which evokes nostalgia for the past. However, you should not confuse vintage with old – vintage furniture can be completely modern and yet full of the old times charm.


Mid century modern bookcase with cabinet and stool in walnut

This charm often hides in the color. Retro furniture in acacia color is the perfect choice to capture the timeless charm of the past.

This color is associated with warmth and tradition. It fits perfectly both in refined arrangements in the French style, as well as more idyllic Provencal style, country or PRL.

Vintage pieces in acacia fit the living room perfectly. They will give it a timeless character, adding intimacy, coziness and warmth, but will not deprive it of its classic elegance.

small mid century bench for entryway

Simple, elegant, retro – mid century oak – colored furniture

Oak color is very universal – it fits perfectly in both mid century and vintage arrangements.

So mid century sideboard in oak stain will perfectly match retro furniture, creating classic and at the same time modern arrangements.

Depending on whether you choose furniture that is more minimalist or more decorative, full of openwork, sharp edges or curves – oak color will allow you to get a mid century climate, pure vintage or combination of both styles.

small cabinet with drawers

Sophisticated black – mid century modern furniture in black color

If you don’t think retro, even in the modern mid century version – a very modern and even futuristic stylization with black furniture is a great idea. Imagine a spacious living room dominated by black sideboards and bookcases. Minimalist furniture in this color needs space, so as not to stifle the arrangement, not to reduce it optically.

However, if you have the right conditions and want to go for a completely modern, attractive style – black furniture is a hit! This color not only adds elegance to the space, but also stands out, catches the eye, perfectly highlights additions, contrasts with the other colors present in the arrangement.

Remember that black (in the furniture offer often under the name ebony) should not dominate in rooms with low natural and artificial lighting. Paradoxically, black plywood furniture should enlarge, brighten the arrangement, make it stand out and give it a refined taste.


mid century bench for entryway


Possibilities are endless

Contemporary furniture gives unlimited arrangement options. Polish furniture market is developing giving consumers ever growing range of styles to choose from. Remember, colors play a huge role in this range. It is thanks to them that the raw sideboard becomes a mid century sideboard, plywood furniture – furniture in the Scandinavian or minimalist style.

In addition to the shape of the furniture, it is the colors that play a huge role in designing the arrangement. Especially if we care about complete projects, in which each piece of furniture has its own specific task – co-creating a coherent room full of taste and unique character.


mid century tv console


How to choose the best color for your interior?

You can order wood sample and check how they looks on your interior, in your specific light.

Thanks to the sample, you will be able to – for example match the furniture to the color of the floor, but most of all you will be sure about your choice! Don’t wait and check the colors live.

Order Oil colors samples

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